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Universities are built on the students they Admit.

Our software and team help Admissions Departments streamline their admissions process and get to better know their applicants. Our suite of features allow Universities and Schools to find their best fit applicants allowing them to admit their best student body with the best chance of success.


Each of Our Products Has Its Own Unique Value for Your Admissions Team


VidInterviewing/Pre- Recorded Admissions Interview

This allows applicants to record themselves answering interview questions.

Pre-recorded video interviewing was designed to help admissions offices with the screening stage of the evaluation process. With pre-recorded interviews, evaluators no longer need to schedule phone interviews or spend time asking the same questions repeatedly. The one-way interview functionality is a huge time-saver, as there is no need for admission officers to be present at every interview or worry about applicants no-showing.

VidTesting/ Timed Essay Writing

Customize Your Assessments to Verify If an Applicant Possesses the Required Skills.

Find out if applicants have the appropriate knowledge or skills for the program. With Admit Video’s digital skills testing platform, admissions officers will be able to test for a variety of different skills in applicants. We can check for Excel knowledge, typing speeds, RFP simulations, script reading, essay questions and much more.

VidReferencing/ Reference Check

Automates the reference checking process and makes it easy, efficient and effective.

VidRating/ Collaborative Rating

In most interview scenarios, interviewers may ask different questions to different applicants, or they may be subconsciously swayed by characteristics that have nothing to do with the applicant’s ability to excel in the program. Admissions officers recognize that with structured interviews, applicants are selected based on objective rankings, not subjective instincts. Research has shown that structured interviews, when administered correctly, have a predictive validity of 62% – twice as high as the predictive validity of unstructured interviews. While some company may have developed their own interview guides, they remain, in large majority, paper-based and cumbersome to manage.

VidScheduling/ Automated Scheduler

With our Automated Scheduler, members of your admissions team simply set their availability. Applicants are then invited to choose the time that suits them best. Once the time is selected, all participants receive a confirmation with all of the necessary information and their calendar is automatically updated. Automation has made scheduling any event more convenient and hassle-free.

VidLiveInterviewing/ Live Video Interview and Conferencing

With our live interview product, interviewing over the Internet is greatly improved in both time efficiency and interview quality. Applicants automatically schedule their interview by choosing from the available interview time slots, receive a calendar invite and confirmation for the time selected and simply click to start the Interview. No need to download. The interviewer is provided with all the key resources to perform the best interview and review possible (on-line applicant’s profile, the questions to ask, and a rating guide for each question).

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