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Video interview software tool built for the admissions offices of Schools, Scholarships and Universities.

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How our pre-recorded video interview software can help your holistic admissions process

Pre-recorded video interviewing

Admit's completely customizable platform allows students to record their university video interviews and written assessments on any device at any time for on-demand evaluation by Admissions Officers.

How our live video interview software can help your admissions process

Live video interviewing

Admit is a great tool to help Admissions Teams collaborate, save time, reduce bias, and find the best-fit applicants for their programs.

Admit Software

Reach More Students

Students can record their application answers from any time-zone, and you can review it when you’re ready. The platform is also available in multiple languages, so you don’t have to restrict the prospect pool by country or language.

Customizable Platform

The platform can incorporate critical aspects of your admissions process including branding, application steps, and pre-existing candidate rating rubrics.

Use on Every Device

This software is available for use on every mobile device, tablet, and computer. Admissions officers and applicants alike can use the software at any time from any device.

“The hands-on training is fantastic! We had multiple calls where Admit team members were there to share their screens, walk through the system and answer any of our questions. They’re such an easily accessible team that you feel like you’re their only client.”

- Heather Hagenberg, Honors Program Advisor, Kelley School of Business at Indiana University

Top Reasons to use Admit for Admissions

Guaranteed ROI

Guaranteed ROI

Optimized for both your students and admission team to use the device of their choice.
Global Reach

Global Reach

Gain access to a global student pool and make time zones irrelevant. The platform is offered in multiple languages.
Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

The system is built for many types of interactions to ensure the right applicant is the person they say they are.


Utilize a powerful workflow system that will adapt to your needs not the other way around.